Services and Pricing

No one form of exercise fits every dog.

Even then, what worked at one time might need a change now and then.

California Dog Walkers customizes exercise plans based on breed, attention needs, and your schedule. 


Private Walks

Most people are unaware a dog needs at least 1 hour of solid exercise per day, 3 solid walks. Promote your dog’s health with a one-on-one visit. Upon arrival, 100% of our attention, love, and affection is directed to your pets. We will take them for bathroom and exercise relief while the sun shines on their little faces for added vitamin D! When we return we will refill their water and provide meds/meals if requested. Every dog comes home with a smile after our neighborhood rendezvous.

Weekdays 8-6pm
30 minutes: $20
60 minutes: $35

Nights (6pm-10pm) and Weekends
30 minutes: $30
60 minutes: $45

**Second dog? They walk free! .


Private Canyon Hikes

Dogs need cardio for the same reasons humans do. Hiking helps reduce stress, makes their little hearts stronger (creating less work for normal organ function, less illness and in turn less vet bills), as well as help keep their energy even keeled throughout the day; especially after your long day at work.

Our hikes are excellent for high energy dogs, weight loss needs or simply to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We pick them up take them to the nearest hiking location equipped with water to socialize and exercise away!

90 minutes: $55

**Second dog? They hike half price.


Overnight House Sitting

Pets are creatures of habit. When removed from their normal environment, they can become very stressed and alarmed. Even happy social dogs get anxiety with your long absence in a strange place. Boarding facilities can also become strapped with multiple pets all overseen by usually only a few employees. It makes it difficult for your pet to communicate their needs as well as get the necessary exercise and attention. We provide an option for a safe, cage free, one-on-one environment while you are away.

Dogs: We will provide walks at the arrival and departure as well as a potty break just before bedtime. Of course loving attention, regular meals, medication delivery, and fresh water for your animals are all standard procedure.

Cats: Our feline clients can enjoy feedings, play, brushings, cuddles and pets, and of course clean litter daily.

We come equipped with our own bed and bedding. All overnights include perks such as mail collecting, plant watering, ect. Just ask!

Overnight Stay (9pm-8am): $60 per pet

Extended Overnight (6pm-9am): $75 per pet


One on One Pet Sitting


Do you have a new puppy or a sick animal that needs someone to stay with them? We will be happy to provide them with our attention and love while you can’t be home. This includes any medical needs, feedings and bathroom breaks outside.

By the hour: $30


Please Remember: 

  • Holiday service prices are double and subject to availability.  These include: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas Eve and Day.
  • Please give a 24 hour cancellation notice for any scheduled service or payment will be forfeited.
  • All dogs must be licensed with Los Angeles County and wear identification tags for any dog park or hiking experience.

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