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Anyone can be a dog walker. It takes a special kind of individual to truly understand, communicate, and care properly for a pet one doesn’t own. My name is Miriam Houfaidi. Throughout my life, I have worked with many breeds of dogs on obedience training, dominance issues, pack orientation, socialization, and command reinforcement. I have owned small and large dogs as well as several cats, chickens, fish, rats (I know), rabbits, and reptiles. When it comes to animals, I have spent my entire life around them.

I started California Dog Walkers to give peace of mind to busy professionals. Every animal lover considers their pets a part of the family. Not being able to give adequate time for play, exercise, and continuous training is not an uncommon problem in Los Angeles. Those that make up this city work grueling hours, commute long distances, and sacrifice a lot to be the best. Success comes at a price–but now it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your pets.

I adopted a boxer/mastiff, Newton, several years ago. Before being rescued, Newton was caged 24 hours/day and never socialized with people. It is difficult for him to become comfortable with anyone new. When I am away, it is critical to me that I leave him with someone I not only trust with my home and life; but someone I know is capable of maintaining the pack leader position and understanding his thought process for his own well-being.

From personal experience, I understand that peace of mind goes a long way. Stress is never worth what it seems, so I encourage you to consider incorporating California Dog Walkers into your routine. Use your new found positive energy to create more success for yourself. You can work overtime, take a business trip or even enjoy a personal day knowing your pets are being well taken care of.
I would be happy to personally answer any questions you may have, or come meet you and your pets. No amount of money is worth your pets. But in our case, you don’t have to spend a fortune for exceptional, trustworthy, and professional service from California Dog Walkers.

I look forward to meeting you,

Miriam Houfaidi
California Dog Walkers

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